2020 is here!

New Online ZOOM Classes,

New Modalities,

New Guest Professors,

Amazing Healing Conferences!

The Harmonic Entrainment Healing Summit is here in it's inaugural year, helping people to stand in their perfect harmony at the eye of this chaos in our current reality.  

Prepare to be rebalanced with 8 leaders in the metaphysical and sound healing world sharing some of their light!

       Over this Online International Zoom Conference the presenters will give you some incredible tools to shift the world around you making it entrain to your inner harmony instead of being led around by someone else's tuning.  

Reclaim your now and join us at this amazing Zoom Healing Summit!

Welcome to a new Vibe in healing education...

Mission Statement:

The Sound Healing Conservatory seeks to shift the frequency of the planet by raising awareness as to the healing power of sound vibration and it's ability to bring harmony and wellness to all whom encounter it by training sound healers to share that message.   


Vision Statement:

The Sound Healing Conservatory is dedicated to spreading auditory illumination around the world by creating a global network of competent and compassionate vibrational sound healers.

Sound healing is a powerful tool to create wellness in yourself as well as those around you through resonance and intonation with the vibrations of our energies. It comes from the simple scientifically proven ideas of frequency affecting state and shifting states of being in our bodies, emotions and lives. It can help you retune your life to the perfect frequency to affect change on all levels of your being!

Seem too good to be true? 

Experiencing the pervasive feeling of release that comes from a sound healing session or sound bath meditation will leave you with a new understanding of sound waves and how they effect your life.

At the Sound Healing Conservatory our drive to create harmony for those we encounter begins with the gift of sound and vibrational healing.  Science tells us that at the smallest level of this reality, everything is vibration, and when discord happens and we find ourselves out of harmony with life, everything will seem out of tune and out of place.

If you are seeking to create harmony in your life and to help others realign their frequency into balance, then this is the place for you!

We have developed programs and courses that will give you a well rounded understanding both with hands on experience coupled with a depth of knowledge on each topic core to all aspects of sound healing. The professors of the Conservatory come from all parts of the East Coast of the United States giving a broad approach to their respective mastery of the different angles to healing with vibrational tools and vocal techniques. 

Our certification programs are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding and personalized set of skills to be a competent leader in the field of Sound Healing whether for individual sessions or for working with groups. 

Our current programs offered include:

  • Guided Meditation Leader level 1 and 2

  • Karuna Reiki™ level 1, 2 and 3  
      (certified through the International Center for Reiki Training)

  • Sound Bath Leader

  • Usui Reiki level 1, 2, and 3

  • Io Uyzuy

  • Sound Healer level 1 and 2

Check out our programs page for more information!

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Guest Professor Courses:

Sound Healing 202:
Martier Sound Meditation