Ascenzion Magick School

a magickal community focused on creating enlightenment

We are all light.  

Sounds simple enough, right?

Each of us a reflection of this microcosmic universe of atoms and quarks echoing outwardly in balance to the macrocosmic dimension of galaxies and stars.

This Patreon page is dedicated to help those engaging with it to bring about their own personal Great Work, or path to enlightenment, moksha, or nirvana.

Enlightenment is the practice of turning one's reality to pure light through shedding the layers of self in an unfolding process using multiple dimensions of perceptions to unify one's own field creating the most perfect now that they can achieve in this reality.  It is closing all the loops, realizing your oneness and interconnection with the all at every breath, while recognizing your infinite sovereignty and claiming the power of both.

The Ascenzion Magick School is dedicated to assisting all beings who join and allow it to unfold their most authentic and infinitely true selves by working and developing their own path towards the ultimate goal of the Great Work, enlightenment in this lifetime.

We will engage with a weekly video blog discussing practices and spiritual development, a weekly meditation, a monthly vibrational attuning with sound, spiritual studies and practices from all lineages that lead one towards this ultimate goal for our reality, enlightenment.

All forms and schools of magick and spirituality are welcome here that wish to achieve their best lifetime in this existence.  No prior understanding or training is necessary, just a desire and need to find your spiritual path of unfoldment and ascension to propel you to be here now.

Welcome to now.

Thank you for joining in as a part of the Great Work.  

Happy ascending!