Harmonic Entrainment Healing Summit 2020

This is the first year for this amazing International Webinar Conference bringing together leaders in the metaphysical, spiritual and sound healing community from around the country sharing some of their powerful gifts with you!
The Harmonic Entrainment Healing Summit is centered and focused on helping you to realign your own inner harmony despite the cacophony and chaos of the outside world!

This Zoom Webinar Conference will be from 10am to 4pm and have 8 metaphysical leaders, each sharing a piece of their powerful work to aid you in rebalancing, harmonizing and healing.

Interested in joining us and taking a step towards your own inner and outer harmony?

The cost for this 6 hour live immersive online conference is $77. 

(an over $800 value from sessions from 8 different healers and psychics!)

After the Summit, you will be able to rewatch and re-experience the magic of the conference for the next 6 months!

($5 from each participant will be donated direclty to the Riaonsongo Orphanage in Kenya, Africa to aid in the care and well being of the orphans there.)

Space is limited, so claim your spot today to learn and heal with these wonderful masters of their fields!

We have teachers from across the continent from fields of all types of metaphysical, psychic, spiritual and sound healing work teaching some of their healing secrets and methods and it would be an honor to have you join us!

This amazing day of transformation has the following powerful healers:

Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM

Master Sound Therapist Wayne Perry

EFT Specialist Jayme Ely

Sound Shaman Humo Maya

Mystic Yogini Melanie Maglieri

Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

Kundalini Sound Healer Ava Milva

This event will be hosted on Zoom!

Presenter Bios and Schedule

Don't miss this once in a lifetime healing experience!