Harmonic Entrainment
Healing Summit

Conference Schedule

Sunday May 31st 2020

10:00-10:45-                 Brien Egan                     Re-Harmonize Your Now

10:45-11:30-                  Mystic Melanie              Ritualwork as Life

11:30-12:15-                   Jayme Ely                       EFT and Neuroplasticity

12:15-1:00-                     Humo Maya                  Cosmic Shamanic Sound Journey

1:00-1:45-                      Matthew Kocel              Song from the Universal Heart

1:45-2:30-               Cindy Griffith Bennett        An Empath Walks into a Grocery Store...

2:30-3:15-                     Ava Milva                       Awaken your Highest Potential

3:15-4:00-                     Wayne Perry                  Sound Medicine: Healing with Sound 

                                                                                and the Human Voice


Conference Schedule
with descriptions

Sunday May 31st, 2020

10am   Brien Egan

Re-Harmonize Your Now

       What is your inner harmony tuned to?  We match the vibration of the world we perceive and hold as our now.  So how do we re-harmonize our world when it seems that things are in a state of cacophony or chaos?

       We will be creating balance out of chaos with visualization, breathwork and sound practice being focused on people aligning their vibration to what they are truly trying to manifest collectively.  By standing in our power and heart (presence), we can project our internal harmony to transform our external lives.  Brien will show you how to realign your vibration to your best now and how to share that light by standing in your presence!

10:45am  Mystic Melanie        

Ritualwork as Life

       Do we hold reverence for our life?  Do you see all things, good or bad, as opportunities to find the sacred in the mundane?
            Missing rituals in our life can create this loss of meaning, drive and purpose. This class will explore the history and importance of rituals, and how to incorporate new routines and rituals into your life.  Melanie will  show you how choosing to live your life as one big ritual allows a deeper connection to source allowing you to tap into your highest potential!

11:30-12:15pm Jayme Ely

EFT and Neuroplasticity

         Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.  With the way things are now, we are hardwiring our brains for fear and trauma.  We have all suffered traumas and pains in life, especially now with the world pandemic, and Jayme is going to show you how to bounce back with resiliency in your mind and spirit using EFT. 
         EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is a proven technique used all around the world for over 40 years showing profound results with people with PTSD, deep trauma, and all types of anxieties and mental illnesses.  Jayme will show you this powerful healing method and how you can use it during times of crisis.

12:15-1:00pm Humo Maya

Cosmic Shamanic Sound Journey

Allow yourself to be immersed into a magical sound journey that will take from deep within your multidimensional being, to the mysterious infinite cosmos. Humo Maya will be taking you on a deep cosmic shamanic sound journey deep within to reconnect with your deepest self!

1:00-1:45pm Matthew Kocel

Song from the Universal Heart

Imagine floating in an ocean of sacred sound... vibration so profound it seems to take shape, texture and colour. Known as the “Cosmic Throat Singer”, Matthew Kocel creates a sonic environment that seems to bend the very fabric of space and time. His surreal voice and timeless music resonates the core of your being, awakening collective memories of our primal roots and celestial origins. 

1:45-2:30 Cindy Griffith Bennett

An Empath walks into a grocery store...

         It sounds like the start of a joke, yet for some walking into a grocery store in the middle of a pandemic can be a nightmare. As we continue on our spiritual journey, our Empathic ability to feel, see, sense and know another’s experience grows exponentially! 

          Together we will explore multiple tools to help empower your empathic ability while protecting your energy and sanity! Join Cindy for this joyful class filled with humor and expert advice for the Empath in you!

2:30-3:15pm Ava Milva

Awaken your Highest Potential

Ava will be sharing a profoundly powerful combination of Kundalini breathwork, meditation and sound healing  to open your destiny.  She will be bringing you through a guided meditation and sound healing experience to help you tap into your highest potential!

3:15-4pm Wayne Perry

Sound Medicine: Healing with Sound and the Human Voice

        Wayne Perry will be sharing some of the amazing material from his book, SOUND MEDICINE: the complete guide to healing with sound and the human voice!  
           Wayne will show you some techniques to improve your internal sound capacity and your ability to heal yourself with the voice and using other sound frequencies.  He will be sharing some practices from his book on vocal harmonics and brainwave entrainment to help you to rebalance and retune your soul!