Inner Vision Soul Summit

Conference Schedule

Saturday June 27th 2020

12:00-12:45-            Kathy Lamm                  The 8 Clairs Senses and Meditation to Open your

                                                                       Psychic Gifts

12:45-1:30-              Nicola Farmer              Vagus Nerve Rejuvenation

1:30-2:15-                Manon Romijn               Trinity of Inner Freedom: Release Yourself from

                                                                       Earthly Illusions

2:15-3:00-               Brien Egan                     Shock and Awe:  Navigating the Spiritual World with

                                                                       Clarity amid Chaos 

3:00-3:45-              Charisse Minerva         Tools to Ease the Stressed Mind: Contemplative

                                                                       Movement & Storytelling

3:45-4:30-              Cindy Griffith                 Finding Purpose: Your Year Life Cycle using Tarot


4:30-5:15-               Ava Milva                       Unlocking your Inner Warrior

5:15-6:00-               David Lion                      Living Magic: How to Embrace the Magic within and

                                                                        Live your Brightest Shine


6:00-6:45-               Kristy Keller                    Earth Channeling: Connecting with Animals,

                                                                        Crystals and Nature

6:45-7:30-               Peter Woodbury            Giving God a Chance: Accessing Inner Guidance

Conference Schedule
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Saturday June 27th, 2020

12pm   Kathy Lamm
The 8 Clairs Senses and Meditation to Open your Psychic Gifts

Identify your spiritual psychic senses, connect with your higher self, a higher level of spiritual teacher, learn about your own gifts and abilities through accessing the Akashic Records. Learn about the 8 clair senses followed by a meditation is designed to stimulate and open your third eye.

As a healer, Kathy's goal is to lead you to the information that will transform your life in a positive direction; to aid in healing body mind and spirit; and help you grow on the cellular and soul level.

12:45pm   Nicola Farmer

Vagus Nerve Rejuvenation

Nicola will be joining us from England live, bringing you a class based on the spiritual and earthly significance of the vagus nerve and how we need to nurture and utilize it on an human, soul and multidimensional level to enable alignment with consciousness and continued growth. She will be channeling information to help us to realign our energetic system.

1:30pm  Manon Romijn               

Trinity of Inner Freedom: Release Yourself from Earthly Illusions

Discover the Trinity of Inner Freedom and how you can recognize the prison created by earthly illusions. Learn how you can free yourself and manifest a new reality.

Manon Romijn will be joining us all the way from the Netherlands to channel Soluma - an energy from Sirius – and Ascended Master Melchizedek. She will end the workshop with a guided healing meditation.

2:15pm   Brien Egan

Shock and Awe: Navigating the Spiritual World with Clarity amid Chaos

How do you experience Awe?  Do you even know what it is?  

Awe as defined by google is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.

It is this pure state of wonder and excitement for the world that can help you to break the hold of fear and debilitating shock from your life and spirit.  Finding joy and expressing it in your life opens your spirit and your emotions to heal those patterns of trauma and stress that we limit our reality with.

Join Brien in this class as he helps you to clear old dense energy and repetitive thinking to free you from the SHOCK of the state of the world right now, so that you can open your heart to transform your now. He will be sharing skills and tools to free your intuition and help you to re-experience awe, just as a child, unfettered and free.

3:00pm Charisse Minerva         

Tools to Ease the Stressed Mind: Contemplative Movement & Storytelling

We often look outside of ourselves for our solutions when there are old community rituals and practices that are inherently Contemplative and healing. 

Two amazing sources are 1) Movement: the body’s ability to move stress through and out of the body using simple movements and gestures & 2) Storytelling: using the creative process to improvise and design stories of myriad dimensions and capacities.  

This  opens up the ability to create that which we do not presently see and to envision the possibilities of what can be. Plus it’s a lot of fun!  

Join Charisse as she teaches you tools to reconnect with community and your inner guide! 

3:45 Cindy Griffith Bennett

Finding Purpose: Your Year Life Cycle using Tarot Numerology

You are here to evolve and grow. The Purpose of your incarnation can be viewed as your growth and evolution. That Growth is definitely cyclical. Contemplate how many times you get through a big growth and think I have “that” mastered,” only to find yourself looking at “that” again a few years later and end up with another layer you are able to process which you couldn’t have done a few years ago.

The Universe has a way to let you know what your “that” is for this year using Year Life Cycles. You can find out what the Universe wants you to work on next, how the Universe can help you, and where your energy is best spent!

Year Life Cycles usually run from birthday to birthday, and through numerology you will find out what your Life Cycle is this year and how you can use that information to accelerate your growth! Make sure you are focusing your energy in the best direction. Join me for Finding Purpose!

4:30pm Ava Milva

Unlocking your Inner Warrior   

In this workshop, Ava will be joining us from Los Angeles, CA to talk about the power of intuition as our innate superpower especially in current times.
Then she will follow with a few Kundalini yoga exercises and breathwork to move stagnant energy in the body. Ava will then teach a meditation to develop subtle awareness through tapping into your own intuitive abilities. 

5:15pm David Lion

Living Magic: How to Embrace the Magic within and Live your Brightest Shine

"Living Magic: How to embrace the magic within and live your brightest shine" is a channeled experience that will provide you with the guidance and tools that you require to embody your mystical gifts and Soul’s purpose.

Through his mastery of Magick & Hypnosis, David Lion specializes in offering profound yet practical teachings that will empower you to live your highest potential. No fluff. 

“You are the magic that you seek!”

6pm  Kristy Keller                   

Earth Channeling: Connecting with Animals, Crystals and Nature

We are all surrounded by the beauty and mystery of nature.  It is a part of everything we are.  As we learn to reconnect with the energy of mother earth we can allow healing to repair difficulties in our life and experience.

Kristy will be teaching you how to be grounded on the go, as well as how to channel nature energies throughout the day simply by reconnecting to this energy.

6:45  Peter Woodbury           

Giving God a Chance: Accessing Inner Guidance

God consciousness resides in the subconscious mind. Through practices like meditation, prayer, dream study and regression hypnosis, we are able to move closer to God consciousness.

Peter will lead a class where he will assist participants to develop a sacred relationship with the divine within and thus "give God a chance" to have a powerful healing and transformative effect on your life.