Registration for the Conservatory 
Certification Programs

There is a one time application fee of $30 when applying for admission to the school's programs.

Please contact us at for the link to the registration application or if you have other registration questions.

Sound Healing Conservatory
Membership Organization

Joining our team of sound healers to share your gifts and methods with a large network of sound healers all across the country.  This will help you to network your business and to make connections across the globe with fellow sound healers and those who are looking for your help.

Our Membership Organization is a portal to help others discover your talents and find you to set up appointments and to schedule sessions.  It will connect the world with your skills and abilities as a sound healer.

Refund Policy


Any student withdrawing from the program must submit a statement of withdrawal to be received by the Administration. The official date of withdrawal from the program is the date the letter is received, or after 4 unexcused absences. You may cancel any time before the 1st day of class owing only the enrollment fee.


If cancellation occurs, the student obligation is:

 • The student may cancel at any time prior to the beginning of class after signing the   enrollment agreement for a full refund. 


Before 25% of program is completed

 •25% of Tuition is owed

Before 50% of program completed 

•50% of Tuition is due

Before 75% of program completed 

•75% of Tuition is due

After 75% of program completed

•100% of Tuition is due 

Program Tuition

Sound Healer Certification Program

              Level 1               ~ 120 hours ~                     (valid until 12/31)                              $1500.00

              Level 2              ~ 220 hours ~                   (valid until 12/31)                               $2222.00

Guided Meditation Leader Certification

              Level 1                  ~30 hours~                                                                                        $450.00

              Level 2                  ~60 hours~                                                                                       $750.00

Sound Bath Leader Certification   

                                            ~80 hours~                                                                                         $900.00

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certification Program

              Level 1                  ~10 hours~                                                                                        $150.00

              Level 2                 ~10 hours~                                                                                        $250.00

              Level 3                 ~20 hours~                                                                                       $650.00

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Certification Program

              Level 1                  ~10 hours~                                                                                       $250.00

              Level 2                  ~10 hours~                                                                                      $450.00

              Level 3                  ~20 hours~                                                                                      $850.00