Who we support...

The Riaonsongo Orphanage
in Kenya, Africa

Background for their Ministry and Orphanage

In the words of Pastor Jairus Onsongo:

"It’s with much appreciation, hope and trust by God's Grace that we would like to take you through our church ministry here in Kenya. It is our sincere prayer that you will be of great significance to this setup in the Lord’s provision.

      Riaonsongo Fellowship Orphanage Church Center ministry was started in the year 2014 May by I, Pastor Jairus Onsongo, as a small fellowship family  church, my mother, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, my wife and I. Before that, I used to serve as a house-to-house evangelist before I heed to the Lord’s call to start a church. It was conducted under the tree shades. 

      To God’s glory, the number started increasing as months went by. We always prayed that our church grow physically and spiritually to save as many of the Lord’s sheep as it could. By 2014 December, our church family increased to 15 members plus my precious wife Mary, whom I married in 2007.
      For almost two years, we could not bear a child, and I thought either one of us was barren. And then after an appointment, the medical checkup confirmed. After this sad news, on January 2008, we decided to adopt a 1 year old daughter named Melissa, whom we gave him our surname. 

       I remembered how some kids were suffering through hunger and thirst during my time as a house-to-house evangelist, some other children told their stories: some were total orphans, some with single parents and some were left homeless and parentless following the 2007 post-election violence. All these stories I used to hear, first hand or second hand came back to my memory after adopting little precious Melissa. Then the thought of starting an orphanage came to my mind, which I later shared with my church members. After they agreed to share the burden of taking care of, first, total orphans, then we brought in two more orphans. 

       The happiest moment came 4 months later when my wife told me she was pregnant! Praise the Lord!! I knew God did a miracle to our life and we thought by taking care of the orphans, opened blessings to my family and I was grateful to God and pledged to take in more orphans, whom we got from the streets and house to house evangelically. I have now I have my own two children that is Melissa and Icerine. And by now we have 32 members and among these we have 30 orphans under my care, brother we have many orphans here but we are not able to add more since we are even struggling for these 30. 

      These kids do get supported by the church members little, more so when they are harvesting, but not yet meeting all their needs like school fees, and clothes since other members are also poor and widows!

Their Mission and Vision

James 1:27:- “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world”


  •  To bring the lost souls back to God through spreading God’s gospel to our community, region and country.
  • To serve as exemplary images of Gods to those still in darkness, and awaken the thirsty for God’s word to all who seek God in truth and spirit.
  • To provide social care and moral support to the afflicted and oppressed in the society
  • To provide the enrolled orphans with a home with suitable shelter, clothing and food
  • To provide the enrolled orphans with spiritual guidance as we nurture them into an upright and Godly lifestyle
  • To restore love, care and hope to the orphans and their futures.
  • To provide the orphans with adequate quality educational environment and healthy living facilities.
  • To add more and put more orphans under our care as God provides.
  • To have a well to provide clean drinking water on the property.
  • To have car or motorbike used for the ministry  as a transportation for the information of the ministry.


      As we aim to expand our orphanage and church spiritually, we lack most Biblical materials and above all, Bibles and hymn song books. We also struggle to provide for all needs of the orphans adequately, especially food, school fees, shelter and clothing. Please we are praying that God we will partner with you please have good program of feeding for these kids at least even monthly program of feeding will help this kids too.


      The long term vision of this ministry is to construct a brick church, permanent and orphanage structures and their school structures where they can learn in a Godly way.


      It is our sincere request to you for God's help, please you stand with us and for this work of orphans  and church we spread the gospel in this western part of Kenya by helping these kids to grow in good ways to have their future, more evangelical work and mold more youths to be the future leaders and pastors of the God’s word to the world, especially from our orphanage.

There is no greater calling than serving the Lord God in Heaven!!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Please, these are our urgent needs that need constant up keep:

- Food
- Shelter
- Clothing
- Medical Care
- School supplies
- Spiritual Materials- Bibles and Hymn books.

A final message from Pastor Jairus:

       "We need God. These kids are seeking salvation and we have been chosen to bring them back to God. We have been chosen to bring back the lost, the hopeless and the oppressed and God will soften their hearts and He will deliver them, by His mighty power. He gives hope and restores love to the fatherless and widows.

       Their cries are heard by their father and anyone who curses them is cursed by God and anyone who bless them is blessed abundantly by Him also. These orphans did not come to our orphanage by mere chance. They were brought to us by God who desired us to help them when no one prepared to. we are called to uplift our faith to much extent as 'with God there is no such thing as mission impossible'. when He sends you 'on a mission' He makes sure you have the means to succeed ' and that is why we  believe in God's provisions. 

'There are anxious times for us all. There are times of weakness but in those times, God's glory is manifested and God carries us in His care.' -1st Peter 5:7 

'God has a plan and with faith as a mustard seed, we can have faith that it's possible for those who call upon the Lord and those who gave faith that its possible with Him, even if it may seem impossible in eyes of man.'- Mathew 17:20 and Mathew 19:26.

      Kenya needs God. These kids are seeking salvation and we have been chosen to bring them back to God. We have been chosen to bring back the lost, the hopeless and the oppressed and God will soften their hearts and He will deliver them, by His mighty power. He gives hope to the hopeless and restores love and care to the fatherless and widows.

     These beautiful orphans need love, care, and hope to be restored for their future please I am thankful for your generous heart friend you have with these kids, I pray blessing over this work with you that God work with us for these kids!!!"


Pastor Jairus

Thank you so much for helping us to help them spread light around the world!