Sound Bath Meditation Leader Certification
Crystal Healing Bowls

led by Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM

"This program will help set a new vibe for your life!  
Learning to work with the crystal healing bowls has opened up so many parts to my healing practice that I had already had for many years, by connecting me with that deepest part that we all have within us, with sound. 
It has created profound healing in my own life and for everyone around me and I am grateful to be able to teach how to use the bowls and how to connect with the concepts that they work through."

-Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM

Welcome to the ONLY certification program that includes a beautiful set of crystal healing tools to own, to assist you in beginning your journey towards becoming a sound healer!

We are so grateful to have formed a partnership with a company that distributes the  crystal healing bowls that we use in our sound healing work! 

They have provided us with sets of 7 colored chakra tone 432hz tuned crystal healing bowls, bags, mallets, and rings to get you started on this journey into the world of sound healing and to offer with our program!

We have made our program to be more user friendly for those who are getting started and may already be yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, healers, drummers, or spiritual practitioners of all kinds. 

This 2 weekend 40 hour certification program will teach you:

                 ~ How to effectively play the crystal healing bowls for a sound
                       bath meditation

                 ~ How to meditate and the various ways to lead meditations and                         create inductive states of consciousness for sound baths

                 ~ How to lead sound bath meditations
                       with the crystal healing bowls

                 ~ How sound healing works and how to use it
                       with the crystal healing bowls

                ~ How to use the crystal healing bowls in your private or
                       personal practice or how to start one with them

                ~ How to use knowledge of the chakra system with the crystal
                      healing bowls to create healing for yourself and others

                ~ Other uses and ways to use sound to heal with the
                       crystal healing bowls and your voice

                ~ And More!

What you will receive with the program:

~A life view shift as you now are able to look at the world as sound and create harmony to retune yourself.

~A set of 7 Chakra tone, 432hz tuned, white

crystal healing bowls with the following notes and corresponding 


                 ~Root Chakra (C note) 12 inch bowl

                 ~Sacral Chakra (D note) 10 inch bowl

                 ~Solar Plexus Chakra (E note) 10 inch bowl

                 ~Heart Chakra (F note) 10 inch bowl

                 ~Throat Chakra (G note) 10 inch bowl

                 ~Third Eye Chakra (A note) 8 inch bowl

                 ~Crown Chakra (B note) 8 inch bowl

~bags that will hold all 7 bowls for easy and convenient 

traveling and storage.

~7 rubber headed mallets, 7 rubber O rings to hold the bowls 

in place while playing. 

~Many different scripts and written meditations to assist you in creating your own solid meditative practice and foundation to lead effective sound bath meditations.

~One-on-one and group mentoring support after the course to help you to feel confident in your chosen path and practice.

~An official certification as a Sound Bath Meditation Leader through the Sound Healing Conservatory to use to enrich your yoga, energy healing, meditation, physical therapy, or hypnotherapy practice or to lead your own sound bath meditations and start a business. 

~A year membership with the Sound Healing Conservatory Membership Association where you will be listed as a part of a community of sound healers in an international directory of sound healers to connect to like minds and to let other people find you, as well as being a part of any offers or specials.


The total cost for the certification course and the 7 chakra tone 432hz tuned crystal healing bowl set is $1699.00. ** 

**The non-refundable deposit for the program to secure your spot is $900.00.

If you have your own set of bowls and would just like to take the certification course, the cost is $999.00.

There are only 11 in-person spots available for this fifth round of the program and there are virtual options as well that can be discussed.

This fifth round of the program will be on 2 weekends, March 18th & 19th, and April 15th & 16th, each of the 4 days from 9am-6pm.

***Please click the link below to register and/or to request additional information.***

We are grateful and honored to share this special offer with all of you to help bring more sound vibrational healing into the world!